Friday, September 12, 2008

A poem written for a "first date" I dare you to put it "all" on the table before the maincourse....

"The introduction"

Hello, I am from
Chinese Ancestors
A twice-divorced mother
Two different fathers
Three different religions
Abandonment issues
Teenage pregnancy
A cycle of domestic violence
A victim of sexual harassment
Low self esteem
A collection of self-help
People pleasing
A history of diabetes
Eating disorders
Failed relationships
Fear of failure or is it success
Financial insecurities and
Broken dreams
Where are you from?

copyright 2005


Don said...

Good stuff. I will have to take a day and come back with a reply.

I agree, that's putting it all out on the table. It has to be respected.

Don said...

Everywhere I go, I notice this rebecca person's comment. Is it spam?

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I think she is. It's pretty exhausting trying to delete her comments. Thanks for the visit. I LOVE your work. You are my new outlet..... much success with your writing. Peace & blessings!

Strongblkwmn said...

She's all over my blog too.

More importatntly:

I am from
Southern parents
An alcoholic father
Who tried hard until the day he died
A hard working mother
Who ignores arthiritis
And high blood pressure
To raise her babies right
All that
Leading to self doubt
Daddy issues
And epiphanies
I'm worth it
I'm good enough
I'll make a good life for me and mine.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Strong black women, it's strange how we "ARE" strong black women and then there is this little voice that creeps in from time to time.... am i worth it? am i good enough? I know that I am BOTH but still every now and then, the inner me questions the outter me. But one thing I've learned along this journey of life is we are all a work in progress.......

Stacye said...

Take me as I am...

I am from
A family of drug abusers & alcoholics
White Ancestors (go figure)
An abusive father
Rape (at his hands)
A history of violence
Family history of cancer
Cancer myself (TWICE)
Teen pregnancy
A childs death
Bad decisions
Bad Investments
...and now to being made free from every one of these hindrances, because Jesus doesn't set you free He makes you FREE! THANK YOU LORD!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

As I read A strong black woman and Standing Able, we are all unique and all the same (if that makes any sense) I thank you both for your honesty and your strength.... I always cry when I think of "our" pain and how we've always had the power and courage to surpass it once we turn to GOD! (and supportive friends and family) Love, peace & blessings to my blog family!

Sherria said...

Love it...Love it...Love it!!! If everyone would show their true colors upfront, we could avoid all the hurt and pain when people no longer put their best foot forward. I am very direct and upfront. Some love it, Some hate it. I say, if my being up front turns you off, then you're facade does the same for me. Keep writing...I love it!!!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Sherria, I truly appreciate the visit and I love your post. You had me writing/responding waaaaayyyy past my bedtime. (smile)