Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank you for the hugs...

I've been pretending to be the boss now for about 3 weeks and Lord willing, only 3 more to go. Not that I'm rushing my supervisor's recovery but I miss being me. It's very exhausting trying to get adults to do what they get paid to do. So much time is spent on worrying about what others are doing; not doing or getting away with. I challenge you (and you know who you are) to be the supervisor and I'll pretend to be you. On second, thought let somebody else be you (lol). I swear some days I feel like I'm raising a group of adopted teenagers. It's too late instill any values because you didn't raise them from birth. If only they were my kids; I'd make them take a nap when they start to work my nerves...

But enough about that. I want to give a shout out to all the people that have hugged me these past couple of weeks because each and every one was a soulful connection that I carry everywhere I go. They say once you love someone, you always love them. I say once you hug someone, you carry a piece of them from that moment on. So here goes: Thanks to Stacey, Regenna, Fitz, Mary, Wanda, Teresa, Vandra, Deb, Kim, Sean, Danielle, Gonzo, Clyde, Xanten, Randy, Joe, JV, Cindy, Leslie, Clamencia, Perry, Norma, Joy, Allison, Angie, Ellen, MAX and anyone that I forgot to name. It's funny, when I was with my coworker Robbie, he said I needed to get out more because everyone was acting like I was a celebrity. He never really hung out with me before and I told him that happy people spread love. And not only am I happy, but I'm lovable! ;-)


Stacye said...

You know what hugs and smiles are free and something we can give out to everyone...because you know what it may be the only one that person gets that day! Hey, it just might save a LIFE!

jsutus4all said...

Thank You too! It's always wonderful to see a smiling cheerful you. Let's keep it going.



rebecca said...


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