Saturday, August 9, 2008

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Carter

Today my friends Kimberly and Roland are getting married in Vegas. I really wanted to surprise her and be there but financially it’s rough being single (lol) not to mention the fact that Max just had surgery and it cost a little over $1400. But considering he’s the love of my life, that’s small potatoes.

Anyway, I want to say that I believe in marriage and I want the very best for Kim and Roland and I know that they will have a lifetime of happiness. I’ve seen their interaction and they truly compliment one another. He is also a great dad and he loves to step in and take the load off of mommy. That’s something most wives don’t get and that’s where a lot of the tension comes from. But a big part of it comes from not communicating your needs and expecting your partner to figure it out.

I know Kim and she won’t allow that to happen. I’ve seen her tough side and she will definitely express herself and not let “stuff” fester. I’ve also seen her soft side and she is like me in so many ways; caring, generous, forgiving and loves with everything she has. I’m really hoping that they come back pregnant so that I can have the goddaughter she promised me ;-)

Never stop holding hands! Love, peace and blessings.

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