Monday, June 2, 2008

Boosting your self esteem

I have suffered from low self esteem most of my life and have realized that it was mostly due to my parents divorce when I was 13 and growing up not knowing my birth father. It wasn't until my divorce that I began to discover how to raise my self esteem and claim "my true happiness." I am not ashamed to share my pain if it will help just one person. How many of us are so well put together on the outside and are full of ugliness and pain on the inside? We are not alone and I am passionate about helping young girls and women realize their self worth. Once you discover yours, you will then ask yourself "is he worth it?"


Anonymous said...

Im sorry, its hard for me to wrap my head around those words. For me you have always been the determined one, the passionate one, the caring one, the one to turn to who was always there with a hug and words to left ones spirit. Maybe long ago you felt that way inside, but "I" never saw it. The person I see today I have always seen.

You know I can relete to the changes that must take place in ones life to grow. I think we have gone done the same path in more ways then one. Like robots living our life in silence. Calm, cool and collective on the outside but harboring so much pain on the inside. Presenting a strong front because thats what was expected. Now that you have come full circle, I see that in you. So have I, but you are so much further in your life discoveries. I strive to reach that level and it's an every day struggle. But you give me hope that it came be achieved.

All my love

Free spirited butterfly said...

My loving cousin and 5th sister, how ironic that you think that about me when that is exactly how I feel about you. You have always appeared to be strong willed, determine and self reliant. You have always been there for your kids and your parents and you put your foot down on more than one occasion when it came to your personal relationships. Me on the other hand kept hoping that "he" would change which in turn would make "me" happier. How wrong was I. I have always admired your "voice" and the way you assert yourself. In my darkest moments I prayed for that voice but she would only reach as far as the tip of my tounge in fear of hurting someone's feelings. I wish I'd say I love you to "me" as many times as I've said it to the men in my life. But now I realize that and I say it everyday. I LOVE ME and I LOVE YOU!

Free spirited butterfly said...

You are quite the writer? Is your book "Not Far From the Truth" published? I'd love to read it. I don't read much anymore, maybe I can develop a "passion". Your page is very inspirational, if you had time and enough people were interested, you should start a support group for women. We all have very similar feelings but most are not willing to share. It's not until you have reached a certain maturity that most can talk about the 'not so great' parts of their life without shame. Keep up the good work.


Free spirited butterfly said...

just want to know who is the fine looking lady at the bottom of the
page and can I meet her. No serious cousin I don't know if I ever told
you how beautiful you are, and your writing is "I'm searching for the
right word" lets just say deep for right now, didn't know that you could
write like that. I like the page will check it often for new postings,
and looking forward to reading your book. Take care and keep being the
positive person that you are.