Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where does your passion lie?

Most of us go about life with our things to do list in our head and moving at record speed to complete everything on it. At the end of the day we're exhausted and haven't accomplished half the things we set out to do. And guess what? The next day we get to play catch up and before we know it, we've done nothing on it that really brings joy to our lives. Yes there is a level of responsibility that goes with being a "grown up" but who says we can't enjoy the things that we've always wanted to do but insist that we don't have the time for? What is your heart's desire and what are you waiting for to fulfill it?

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Free spirited butterfly said...

I am so proud of u honey to use ur gift that god gave me to pass on to u,i am not surprised that u are writing because when u were small and growing u wrote on everything and anything u could. For that I am so happy u are happy for ur self and about ur self. That says a lot about how much u have grown so much and very wise. As my father’s people say and wisdom.
I can not believe how so much of me that’s in u which is a good thing. By the way & for u to go after ur passion and goal is just so heart warming and warms my heart and open my eyes to see how u have began to take ur life to the next level. As I have told u before and I will tell u again u r ur mother’s daughter. Very compassionate one at that. A writer writes what they see, feel and hear. They put them in words and thoughts and they write them down. They express things a lot because sometimes can not be told, so they put all those thoughts and ideas together and they write about them. One most important thing is they are great story tellers and great poem writers as well.
So from one writer to another
Thou are blessed to be ur mother
love u now
love u forever