Saturday, July 28, 2018

Building Momentum

What a week!  What a GOD!  #Repeat - What a God! I have never had such fun and enjoyed so many "teenagers" at once!  If you know anything about my journey...I came to faith ten years ago, so there was no children's church, youth group or camp.  Just look at God, giving me a chance to #experience what I missed all those years...way back there!  I had the sweetest and most humbling privilege to chaperone our youth at this year's Momentum Conference in Marion, Indiana.  GOD was there and wow!  If you've never been, go to their web page and see what you missed, yes...even #grownfolks.  Although the week is a conference for our youth, if you are in Christ....#pause---even if you are not in Christ, there is still something to be learned, gained, renewed and delivered from!  What a God!!
And if you don't know, if you've never tried it and if you've ever had any doubt...#PrayerWorks!  In the precious and matchless name of Jesus Christ, prayer works!  I saw it with my own two eyeballs! To God be the glory!

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