Wednesday, December 3, 2014

MY Twin Sister

This is so amazing to me.  Only JESUS! :-)

This is Denise Michelle Fuller. I was searching google a few months back and there she was. I like to search my name every now and again just to see if there is anyone out there pretending to be me. You never know with the increased risk of identity theft and all the predators searching the world wide web. And, as trusting as one can be, there are still some crazy and desperate people out there waiting to seize their moment. I just #Praise God that she isn't one of them.

Not only does she have a gorgeous smile [just like me] but she's also a Christian. I just love her to pieces. She and her husband, Mark travel from state to state in their RV and she also blogs about her journey. Imagine that!
Does God had a great sense of humor or what?. How freaking awesome that there are two godly girls with the same exact name loving on the same Lord and trusting Him with their whole hearts!

I'm so anticipating the day that we will meet, hug, laugh and cry! I'm just as excited to see what the Lord will reveal in her her life as she is continually traveling and trusting in Him to provide, comfort and protect their journey.

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