Sunday, March 24, 2013

Missed Opportunities...

There were many opportunities in my life where I simply did not speak up or speak out…I used to be shy, very quiet and am still somewhat introverted. But in reading and growing in my walk with the Lord, I’m continually discovering that I simply cannot be quiet about His love, grace and favor to those who LOVE Him.

How sad that Pilate missed the most important opportunity of his life.

He was so consumed with himself, his position and his authority that he failed to see the Messiah standing right before his very eyes.
He wanted to release Jesus (Luke 23:4) but the crowd pressured him to have the Son of God crucified.

They simply wanted him dead because they feared him. No other reason.

Pilate lacked character and courage: Being courageous does not mean that you are fearless, it simply means that you are moving ahead in faith in spite of your fears. God honors fear in obedience. There are many, many things that man does not understand. Sadly, that appears to be the problem with most of the world today. We do not understand God’s ways so therefore, we do not submit to him. We, in our flesh, need the reasons why…

One of my many prayers is this: “Lord, there will be many times when I don’t understand, but I will trust you.”

No offense, but who are you that you need to understand why God wants you to do something before you decide to do it? He is God and owes you no explanation whatsoever. Isaiah 55:8 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord.

Don’t be like Pilate and miss out on an opportunity that could be life altering. He is a patient God, but the end is near. It’s harsh but true.

Quiet Devotion: Check your character. Is it reflective of an authentic life?

Isaiah 66:2…”I will bless those who have humble and contrite hearts, who tremble at my word.”


A Lady's Life said...

Very nicely done.
I too never spoke much when I was young because I figured people were all smarter than I was. and they sure must know a lot more about God than I do.
Today however I see more and more lost people.
And I feel I have more and more to say but now, people do not see the word of God. They only see themselves, man's laws and their own rights. They do not see or understand such things do not exist. No one has rights. We only have privilege because the doors of God allowed us the freedom and time to learn from our mistakes.
Every thing we do has consequences.
Every law we pass has consequences and if the wrong people sit in power passing the wrong laws then society goes in the wrong direction.
But we need to have trust that it will all turn out ok in the end.
And you are right. More of the right voices should be heard.
What is so interesting about this story is that Jesus forgave the Pilate, as he forgave the two other criminals who hung by his side.
He even forgave the Jews who were responsible for his death and because he did this, he left us with the greatest story and lesson ever told and witnessed as well as his love for mankind.
Beautiful.Happy Palm Sunday!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Thank you beautiful friend. Yes, it is a Happy Palm Sunday. Church was so wonderful and Holy Spirit filled this morning. The Father truly blessed me with an amazing Church Family. THE LOVE IS Incredible.

Yes, Jesus forgave them all. Just as He has forgiven us, even still today.

Some see their sins everyday and fail to see the Cross and the Cost.

We are truly our worst enemies and oftentimes hold on to the past as if it's a security blanket. We get so used to the bad stuff, we failed to see the good stuff is just beneath the surface.

I'm surely speaking from experience.

FORGIVENESS is such a soothing and blissful place to be.

Love YOU!
your butterfly friend :-)

WynnSong said...

Pilot missed an opportunity, yet he was in the right place at the right time doing what God needed done. Without his decision to let Jesus die, we would not have our salvation today. Even missed opportunities have a way of working out in God's plan.

Thanks for the Beautiful words as always...

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Yes my friend, being a coward and bowing to peer pressure paid off in this isolated and significant occasion. He had no idea whatsoever that his fear would lead to "our" ultimate deliverance.

Thank you for stopping by
The journey continues...

Patricia Vandenburg said...

Happy Palm Sunday, God is in control of all things He killed Jesus as He forgave Pilate and those criminals if we obey God He controls the consequences if we walk in our own doing we are responsible for the consequences I remember a time when my Carnal being had more control over my decisions than my Spiritual being I am so grateful that the more intimate I become the more control my Spiritual being has over my circumstances and choices, thank you for this very inspiring post just a conformation that we are all part of one "New" body and each of our parts to that body effect the other much love big hugs and prayers always Patricia

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

"I remember a time when my Carnal being had more control over my decisions than my Spiritual being... I am so grateful that the more intimate I become the more control my Spiritual being has over my circumstances and choices..."

Hi Patricia,
Your above statement is JUST how I felt and how I feel. I could not have said it any better.

In the beginning of my walk with Him, I was still in those sinful and to me; blissful choices and self gratifications...
Over time, with my deep desire to honor and love Him for what He did for ME, I not only learned but "chose" to walk away from self and walk toward Him.

BEST decision I ever made! Not easy, but oh so worth it!

Love you and thanks for stopping by sweet sister!

PS Love your last statement also...I just finished telling my daughter that she's an arm and I'm a apart from Him, we have no use or purpose :-)

Moanerplicity said...

Courage is often something we must call upon.... summon... pray for... because it doesn't always seem to come naturally to us.

I wonder why that is?

Wynn makes an interesting point of about Pilot. His cowardly ways allowed for The Creator's Greatest Miracle & for the salvation for all mankind.

Courage just doesn't come with a safety net... and maybe that is why some choose to act in opposite ways.

But the sheer lack of courage fascinates me.

Is it to remind us that we are only human, flawed, insecure, weak, unsure &/or not indomitable?


I have found that cowardice is the safer alternative to bravery... & courage requires us to say NO to what is safe. Yet I've a feeling that acts of cowardice do NOTHING to please our Creator.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Yes, in the instance...Pilate's to speak; to have Christ crucified, was indeed Our Saving Grace!

The Word of God says, "Not to be afraid" 365 days. He knew that we would lack courage but also knew that with Our Free Will, we'd eventually come to Him for strength and He would in turn, turn our weaknesses into our greatest accomplishments.

He surely knows our individual frailties and will meet every need according to His perfect timing. Playing it safe is no longer my claim to fame :-)

Love and peace my friend!