Tuesday, March 19, 2013

completely unrelated...

i was glancing over some poetry and stuff last night and happened upon two completely unrelated quotes from different books. each quietly spoke to me from deep within. what can i say? i'm a lover of words :-)

First Quote:
we were not born all at once, but by bits.  the body first, and then the spirit later.
*author unknown

Second Quote:
i feel more alive when i'm writing than i do at any other time, except when i'm making love.
*author unknown

love for a great day!


A Lady's Life said...

I read your poem and when I was young I felt the same way.
I thought I could fix the world and then I grew up and foud out the world was too damaged and cold not be fixed.
You have to want something in order for it to happen and the world has not reached that stage yet.
One day it will. But not today.
It is really all very sad to think about because it could be heaven every day.

Moanerplicity said...

Both of those quotes speak directly to my inner core. The 1st is most probably true as, IMHO, we are all pretty malleable, brand new & full of possibilities at the very start of life. The spirit seems like something that finds & settles within an individual... much like the names we are given (at birth)that we finally become living reflections of... in time.

The 2nd quote feels as if I'd personally written it. Rarely do I feel more alive than when the writing FLOWS or gushes out of me like water from a working well... or like that skeet-skeet of a climax at the conclusion of lovemaking.

*Whew* It's suddenly rather... ummm... humid up in here! *smiles*


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

My Lady,

You said it so beautifully...
"It could be heaven every day!"

Ginormous Hug!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

"much like the names we're given (at birth)
I wholeheartedly agree...I'm growing into that very person

As for the second comment...I think the quote is so very appropriate for someone who is deeply and intensely passionate about the art of writing :-)

Love for a great day!