Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February Thoughts...

i am not in-love
(sigh of relief)

i am not sure if i want to be
(been there..done that)

i don't miss making love
(no one worthy...yet)

i love my ssb
(secret single behavior)

i am confident with self

i am content with singleness
(create the life you want)

i have no desire to share
(at least not my

i am not certain he's out there
(or if i let him get away...)

i don't want to lose this peace
(the journey was long)

is monogamy ever possible?
(i am capable, but is he?)

am i still wounded or do i fully trust in Him?
(Lord, only you know...)


A Lady's Life said...

You know, if you have to ask, then you know it's not right. lol
Things have to happen naturally as they were meant to be. Usually it happens when you are not looking for it.
I don't know. I have a nice husband and if he died tomorrow, I don't think I would marry again.
Having friends is better than to get involved.There is plenty to do out there.
I have a family and I like to keep things clear and not create confusion.But to each his own.
It's nice to be able to share and make memories with some one. Not good to be alone all the time.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Love your wisdom :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Myriam said...

Hello there darling one,
At one point or another, I have thought, said, felt everyone of the points that you have made. So I can totally relate.

"...Content with singleness" I was happy (most of the time) to reach that level where I didn't need someone to make me happy. God was my "all".

"I am not certain he's out there" - so much so that I prayed to God to take away the desire if He knew he wasn't out there.

In my Bible study yesterday (Lies women Believe) one the questions was 'what was one thing you had to wait a long time for God to come through' and my answer was "a husband'. It was long wait that I despaired and at times gave up. 10+ years.

Next one that I am wrestling with is career\job. Or simply put 'what do I want to be when I grow up' - sad thing is I just turned 40 last month with a head full of grey hair. Should have figured that one out - you'd think.

Love you sister. Have a great weekend.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

That's what my next book speaks on...we are never alone, "in what we're feeling."

I say, "express yourself publicly and be amazed at how many people have felt those same feelings..."

I gave up on the "job" thing. Less than 3 years and I will be done with the "cop" thing. YAY!

As far as the "mate" thing...I've talked with God on numerous occasions and I told Him specifically, "I will not move ahead without Him!"

Don't fret about the grey hair, I'm pretty sure I've got you beat. That's why I'm having such a ball with "wigs" Lol

Love you and Happy Saturday!