Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sex is soooooo good...

The best sex I ever had was when I was single.

I like to speak the love. Because I never used my voice in my old, speaking the truth is all I know how to do.

Looking back, that's exactly how Satan planned it and I believe God has called me to teach, to bind up the brokenhearted. I have yet another friend, who recently found out that her "boyfriend" was sleeping with someone else. I wanted to take her pain away, but knew that I could not. He had hurt her...not me. However, I could relate because I'd been there once or twice in my life's journey.

The below excerpt was written by: P.B. Wilson

"Since I was robbed the joy of sharing my virginity with my husband, I want the Lord to use my testimony to encourage women to sexually wait until after marriage. Even if you're not a virgin, you can commit your life today to live a pure life before God until marriage. He will honor that commitment.

Because I had had previous sexual experience in which I was not satisfied, I was able to "judge" the difference. God had to "teach me" His plan for a fulfilling sexual experience.

Every persons body is like a combination lock. In order for another person to know the combination, we have to give it to them. I expected my husband to know my combination without being told.

Other men enter into marriage believing they can satisfy their wives because of past sexual exploits. That is one of the biggest hinderances.

Why do you have to be married to give someone your sexual combination? Our soul is truly who we are-our innermost being, our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Jesus is the lover of our souls and only He possess that part of the combination."

Her story sounds a lot like mine. After many bad choices, God is now teaching me about sex.

Do you want your soul tied to everyone you've ever had sex with? Well guess what? It already is.


A Lady's Life said...

I agree. Your body is a temple and must be treated as such.
I hate it when people make everything today about sex.
Life is not about sex.Sex is about life. There is a difference.

WynnSong said...

"Do you want your soul tied to everyone you've ever had sex with? Well guess what? It already is."

Well said.What the world needs the light of a few of us to start a change and make a difference.

Thanks and a Blessed New Year to You as well.....

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy Sunday My Lady,
Unfortunately...(almost) everything is about sex...Sex, Money and Power.

But for "those" people, there is indeed a price to pay.

Why is the world so consumed with self? Not for long...eventually, all must answer for his/her actions.

It's just the way it is.

Love you dearly :-)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Thank you Wynn,

I was in the dark for many, many years...unknown to me that the Spirit was gently nudging me into an intimate relationship with Him.

Satan was in my sweet and so subtle until one day...THE LIGHT came on and I did not like the way I was behaving.

I felt as though I was created for more, better, different...

I was right. I am His Princess Bride and my LOVE is priceless!

Now...I want more and more women to feel the exact same way...they are so much more than a warm place to comfort someone who is NOT their husband.

Ouch! But so true :-)

Love for a great day.