Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Dash

Free Spirit Butterfly "July 14, 1964  -  ...."
"A beloved daughter, sister, mother, friend, neighbor and Servant..."

Prayerfully, when that time comes for me...the "farewell" here on earth...

Prayerfully, the ones who knew me will have known me to be a person who cared with my whole heart.  Someone who truly lived a life of faith, selflessness, compassion and love...amongst other things.

Hearing that Jesus wept  is one of the most profound verses in the Bible.  At least in my opinion.  And last night, while reading my devotion...I happened upon another verse that just held my attention for quite some time...
~ Colossians 3:14...put on love,..."

That is indeed one of the most sweetest verses of poetry I've ever read.

What would happen if we all put on love?  I can testify that when you do...with no motives comes back repeatedly and unexpectedly.  Real Love comes from a place of wholeness and healing.  And when we give love, share love, send love, protect love, receive love and put on transforms us into new beings and it will also change the trajectory of our lives.  It undoubtedly brings a peace unimaginable and it is something that is wonderfully and spiritually out of our control.

With this passing year's sadness and despair, death and destruction, shootings and hurricanes, disasters and suicides...just to name a few...lets look at our lives and see where love is lacking.

Put on love so that prayerfully, when that time comes for YOU...the "farewell" here on earth...your "dash" will have had meaning.

Love in Christ for the very best in the coming year(s)
Free Spirit Butterfly


WynnSong said...

All that's left to be said is....

Moanerplicity said...

I wish
I had
the words
to express
how very beautiful &
necessary I find
this to be. You
have captured some thing
so primal
& real
& soothing to
The Spirit.

Thank you for penning
this... thank you for
existing to give us
such beauteous



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...


So many people tend to use "that" word so loosely. However, when you say it and knowing your relationship with The is well with my soul. :)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...


I cannot take credit for the post...the Holy Spirit revealed it to me last night. In my quiet time with Him, I always ask that He speak to my spirit. As for "my" existence...none of us are here by chance. In "my" opinion, none of us met in the blogsphere by chance.

At one point, I thought I happened upon blogging because I overheard one of my coworkers talking about it, but not soon after creating my blog...I realized that once again...The Holy Spirit was using me.

A once introverted, voiceless caterpillar was destined become a free spirited butterfly and go out into the Universe and spread His truth and in love. :)

A Lady's Life said...

Merry Christmas to you Butterfly!
May you enjoy you day with family and love in blessed peace xoxoxox

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Thank you beautiful friend of mine. Love and hugs for a JOYfilled Holiday!

See ya in 2013!
Lord willing...