Sunday, December 9, 2012

Desserts Are Delicious!

The above title was posted on a wall at McDonald’s; along with a few of their mouthwatering dessert photos. I must say, “I was a bit tempted.” And while standing in line, having to wait for my medium coffee…my inner voice repeated the slogan and added, and so is sin…for a season.  So I didn't get any...Lol

Desserts are delicious and so is sin, but only for a season. In my youth, and up until about 2 years ago, I simply loved loved, loved brownies and funnel cake. Not to mention, whenever I go visit my dad, it’s a must that we eat cheesecake. It’s become our father/daughter ritual.

I like to think God is super funny when it comes to my life. I tell my sisters and girlfriends all the time, “There are no men where I live.” Seriously…there are plenty of men in my place of employment but none in my County. There is however, a funnel cake stand next to my Condo and a block away from that is all the Kettle Corn your heart desires.

I cannot have sex but I can have all the dessert I want. Right? Yep, if I want to become obese and have a boatload of health issues when I retire. With the free will that the Father has given me and “owning” my “grown up” status, I have to make adult choices that will greatly impact my health and my life.

I choose not to eat a funnel cake every day and although I stocked up on Kettle Corn when I found out about Hurricane Sandy, it’s not something I do on a regular basis. As tempting as it is, I’ve reprogrammed my mind. At some point, we have to do the “mature” thing and consider the consequences before hand. Wow…to actually think about how something will impact our lives before we actually do it. How foreign does that sound?

We all slip and we all fall short of His Glory, (that's why we need Him) but repeatedly doing what you know is not pleasing to the Father is clearly dancing with the Devil. And with that conscious “behavior” we can pay now or pay later…but eventually today’s decisions will greatly affect tomorrow’s destiny.

w/love china


A Lady's Life said...

Lovely poem and very wise advice. Butterfly :)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Thank u sweet friend for continually supporting my poetry blog. Several friends have e-mailed me thanking me for that poem.

This is "that" thine of year where we are in overdrive with our to-do list and we need to be reminded to "breath" and give thanks.

* As far as "wise" advice...this post came with growing pains. Lol

Love u :)

WynnSong said...

I've learned, growing up is not easy....and not too much fun at times. But we live and grow and learn and try to stay in God's footsteps as He leads us along the way.....
And gotta say....I'm right there with you with the cheesecake......

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

You are so's not easy...but the WISDOM we gain in the journey is worth its weight in gold.

I wouldn't want any days my youth back in exchange for the growth obtained in my present life.

From the fullness of his grace, we have all received one blessing after another and that my friend, includes "cheesecake." Lol

Moanerplicity said...

Cello China.

Missed you, my friend.

Your timing/my timing/our timing is mad scurry! I gave up dessert about TWO YEARS ago also... & around that time, as a hat trick, I gave up smoking as well (12-18 will mark two years).

Both these 'sins' were given up cold turkey.

The thing is, although The Creator has miraculously taken away my cig cravings (GOOD WORK, GOD!), I am STILL tempted by desserts. I see them all the time. People bring them around me. They look SO delicious! At times, I swear I can almost HEAR them calling my name! No. I don't give in to the temptation anymore, but the URGE remains very, Very, VURRR strong.

Maybe you have the right idea. Should another hurricane sweep through my path & I'm not so lucky to survive it, will it all have been WORTH this self-sacrifice?

Perhaps in moderation we can & we should indulge ourselves. But we must exercise self control. After all we're only human, right?

Adults, yes. But very HUMAN adults! *ponders*



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey there stranger...great to hear from u :)

Congrats on the upcoming anniversary!

I must say, the word "indulge" scares me. Self control is indeed a mind over matter...but being strong willed...I CAN do it!

In my line of work...while in uniform, many gratuities are offered to us...I say, "what looks good, isn't always good for u."

I'll continue on my journey and with faith and prayer, I win the race. Philippians 3:12-14 :)

Sent w/love

Don said...

we can pay now or pay later…but eventually today’s decisions will greatly affect tomorrow’s destiny.

There is no getting around it, either, is it? The truth remains the truth.

Words of wisdom, FSB.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

To answer your question sweet friend, "Nope."
Most of our present circumstances are a result of yesterday's choices.

Love for a "great" day!