Thursday, October 4, 2012


An excerpt from “The Right to Write” by Julia Cameron

As we write, we are both describing and deciding the direction that our life is taking. As we become honest on the page about our likes and dislikes, our hopes and dreams, as we become willing to be clean, the murk of our life begins to settle and we see more deeply into our truth.

If I put it on the page, it is only a matter of time before I put it into practice. First I observe with more compassion and then I act with more compassion. First I feel my own vulnerability and then I have empathy for the vulnerability of others.

Writing centers us in ourselves and it moves us out from that center into the world around us. The "I" of the beholder, the hand that holds the pen, writes to get in touch-and touch is profoundly healing.

We write because something "touches" us. We write because we want to "touch" someone else. A lot of what frightens people about writing is the precise idea that once we put something on the page we are rendered vulnerable. There is truth to that, but the greater truth, for me, is that once I put something on the page I am also rendered a little less vulnerable.

Vulnerability requires that we contradict ourselves. It requires that we change our minds. It requires that our perspective shifts. Vulnerability, which is honesty's shy younger sister, is the part of ourselves that renders us capable of great art, art that enters and explores the heart.

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In her book, she begins each chapter with a title and ends it with an "Initiation Tool."
Today's your quiet time and or sacred space, is to imagine "the unimaginable life" the life that might truly make you happy. It takes courage and vulnerability to admit and imagine our deeper dreams. The irony is that as we are able to envision and clarify for ourselves our deeper dreams, we seem to activate such dreams toward manifestation. Set the pen to page and begin to describe one day in your Ideal Life. Allow yourself to dream on the page.

She says after about forty-five minutes, turn your attention back to the life you have right now. Number from 1-25 and list the things you love and appreciate about your life as it is currently constituted.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I simply love when I happen upon a book that speaks to my spirit. This was recommended by a blogger friend about 2 years ago. I have been savoring every page.

I tried this exercise last summer and it was a season in my life when I was longing for something. After reading over what I had written back then, I realized that I have what I want. I've always had it but failed to see it.

Today I feel such gratitude that I am living my ideal life. I am in the presence of grace each morning. I am filled with pure joy and contentment. I have grown into this life and I wholeheartedly treasure the journey that I've traveled to get here. I own it!

I hope you enjoy the assignment. I also pray that something is revealed to you through your writing.

Love, peace and dreams being fulfilled :-)

WynnSong said...

It's interesting how so many times I feel that vulnerability when I write here but also, when I write music and perform it. so many times I've been in tears after singing, simply because it felt like I had shared my deepest soul with someone......

A Lady's Life said...

Newspapers are told what to print because they support their investers and advertisers.
People get attacked for truth. You tell the truth, your house is spray painted car scratched or some hack gets into your personal affairs and makes life hell for you. People are always on one side of the fence or another but the ones the truth hurts the most, will hurt you for speaking it. Like for example people supporting drugs.They are winning because people are afraid to say no.We smell marijuana every where now, even in nonsmoking areas and it stinks!!!We banned smoking and now marijuana took over.This means our fight for banning smoking will also be challenged.
People ask you to go to court as a juror, and you put yourself and family at risk to do so.
If more people stood up and told the truth , there is strength in numbers and the good would not be hurt anymore. If you see that an issue cannot be discussed or criticised, like for example what we see in Islam today, then something is wrong. It is not so much a question of sacredness, because every second person is a muhhammad, as it is for people to learn that they are being brain washed into doing bad things in the name of peace similar to communism or fascism..No issue on this planet is beyond discussion.
Today the only people who can afford a good life are those selling pot etc..So they made the excuse to decriminalize it. Now every one has to be afraid to drive and walk on city streets because of half crazed people on a high.Two wrongs do not make a right.

A Lady's Life said...

That sounds like a good book.
We had a similar exercise in taking a piece of paper and on one side writing all the bad things in your life and on the other side all the good things and see which is better/ or worse. Then you take steps to clean it up to make a better world for yourself to live in. Easier said than done though lol

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...


I definitely feel you on the tears.
Writing helps me to become my truest self. I've discovered more about who I am alone with my pen than I have in any relationship that I've ever encountered.

I've learned to embrace the vulnerablities and not "care so much" about other's opinion.

Thank you for sharing some of yourself with me :-)

Love and peace

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

My Lady,

It's so very interesting that you mention "that exercise."

In Bible study we are studying the Book of James and were told to take our age and divide it by 4.

Then, to take those years and reflect upon how Good God has been to us.

What was revealed to me during that time was that between the ages of 12-24, although the divorce of my parents had torn my spirit into, God had also blessed me with two beautiful healthy children.

As far as speaking "the truth" in today's society...I stand firm in God's TRUTH and I can't lose. Come what may. He will uphold me with His right hand.

Love and peace