Monday, October 15, 2012

Hopeless Romantic

Why do we reject His love? If we honestly search our hearts, if we look into the deepest parts of ourselves, isn’t it what we crave? Although we will never admit it, we have been so transparent in our desperate attempts to be loved. We have compromised our integrity, surrendered our values and even sold our souls just to have "our love” reciprocated.

In all our efforts to be loved, accepted, appreciated and validated, we have exhausted ourselves to a point where we are willing to settle. Because of our fears, we have allowed the love we crave to become a mediocre love of what He originally created for us.

We alter the core of which we are and make every attempt to neatly disguise the exterior self in order to be the love of our object’s desire. And even after all the years spent becoming “that” person, we have yet to find the love promised us.

He sees and has seen our futile efforts to search for love and His heart literally bleeds for our wounded and misguided spirits. His word cries out for us to come to Him; to come into His promise of love and to rest in the shadow of His wings. He longs for us to surrender to the only one who will love us just as we are. He requires nothing in exchange. He will not ask you to alter yourself in any way before pouring out His love on you. Not in man’s eye, but in His eye; you are "already" worthy of love.

There are no specific conditions or guidelines. There is no contract or written agreement necessary to be accepted. There is something so unique and special about His love that once you accept it and BELIEVE it, you will be transformed beyond recognition. You will openly and willing love with the love you receive. You won’t have to do anything else to be loved in return. As your love begins to flow effortlessly, others will be drawn to you and become apart of His love.

Miraculously, they will begin to love and with an unconscious effort, pass on that love. Before we know it, love will fill the air. The sky will become bluer, the sun will shine brighter, and the grass will appear greener. The trees will stand taller as the leaves will fall gentler. The rainbow will capture your attention without fail and the bird’s song will be the clearest sweetest sound you’ve ever heard.

Why won’t we let Him love us? Why won’t we embrace His love and accept His eternal promise of joy unimaginable and peace everlasting?



Mizrepresent said...

yes, yes, yes, i love this!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Morn'n sis and thank you.

HE saved me, forgave me and ultimately changed me. His love now sustains me!

In my despair...Psalm 66:16-20 rescued me.

How beautiful it would be if we "allowed" His love to fill the air!

Love and peace :-)

A Lady's Life said...

Very nice.
The world saddens me for this very reason.
People are about differences instead of what makes us all the same.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

The flesh is very deceptive and that's exactly why people are rejecting His love.

His love is a choice of free will and so many people would rather choose the "things" of Satan than the love of the Father.

It took me many, many years to "receive" it but now...I joyfully sprinkle it everywhere I go :)

Love you sweet friend!