Sunday, May 27, 2012

What will they soak up next?

We as parents know and have heard that our kids are little sponges.  They soak up everything we say and do.  I will never forget the time my daughter talked back to me.  It was about 12 years ago and I don't remember what exactly was said, but whatever it was, it caused me to say, "Don't do it again."  She said in the most confident voice that I'd ever heard, "You do it."  That made me even madder.  Of course, I said what most would say next..."go to your room."

Looking back on my life and the relationship I had with my mother.  We are indeed a lot alike.  Not all good.  Yes, we are both passionate writers and we give with all of our least until you've wronged us.  But the flip side is that we are true introverts.  In my opinion, to a higher degree than most.

Up until Christ. My life was work, home and repeat.  I did not socialize much and I didn't initiate any friendships.  I still don't like telephones and I do not like uninvited guest. 

It's strange...looking at my kids, my daughter is quite similar to the old me.  She's introverted and at this point in her life, not much of an explorer.  My son on the other hand resembles the new and discovering that life is what you make it.

All I'm trying to say, if I haven't gotten off track, is that I didn't spend much time training up my child in the way he/she should go.  It wasn't taught to me.  We didn't pray as a family and I don't remember much "parental advice" that would have helped me in those moments of despair and confusion in my adult life.

I know that my parents loved me with all their hearts and did what they thought was best at "that time" as I did with my kids.  However, as rough as the road was, today, I have never been more proud of them.  With God's grace, my kids have taught me a lot about myself and we have developed a beautiful friendship over time.  They have watched me transform into a woman of God and I am showing them that my words and actions are in alignment with one another.

It wasn't always that way and they have forgiven me for those moments.  My life is lived with integrity and compassion and that's something that their soaking up as we speak.  They love God and they know that HE is the one who will always be there for them and that although we've made mistakes as a family, HE forgives and is the Creator who holds nothing against us.



PAK ART said...

Denise - it was very good to hear from you again! I'm excited to hear about your upcoming trip to AK - will you be just doing the Inside Passage or do you have plans to come up to Anchorage also? AK is a big state, but if I could figure out a way to see you I would. Are you traveling alone or with friends/family? My direct email is

Tiffany @ Tea w Tiffany said...

It's true our kids soak up what we say and do. And like you, I'm part introvert. I'm so glad we can sit and soak up the truth. We are overcomers through Christ. We have the ability to change the past through walking with God in our present. Be blessed.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hi Tiffany,
I love your comment. I'm so glad to be in a place where the truth doesn't hurt. And you are so correct...we are overcomes through Christ!

He is my strength and my song all day long.

Love, peace and blessings,