Sunday, April 29, 2012

His light and my

I must admit that although I consider myself a pretty honest woman...I tend to tell this one little white lie from time to time.  With His glorious light shining over and around me combined with the gorgeous smile my dad gave me, it does tend to draw an attraction...

Not all men can handle rejection.  As I go about my day...oftentimes looking a crazy, but comfortable mess, men are constantly asking me out and stuff...

I say crazy because I feel once you've turned 40 + you have the right to wear what's comfortable as opposed to what's in style.  I've never been one to cater to fashion. Lol

But anyway, as I was saying, some men have very fragile egos.  If you say, "no" however polite, they still keep trying, persisting and pursuing...

I for one, don't have the energy. Lol

So with that being said, I find it easier to say that I'm seeing someone.  Technically, it's not a lie.  I am seeing someone.  As long as my eyes are open, I am seeing someone...something and everything that is within my eyesight. Right?

But in reality, I'm not.  I'm patiently awaiting my Prince and I absolutely refuse to kiss another frog hoping he'll instantly transform into to one.  I'd rather stick to my little white lie until it becomes a BIG fat truth!

Love for a great day,
Free Spirit Butterfly


Up4Dsn said...

I can't fault you for telling that white lie at all. You're only doing it in order to minimize confusion and unnecessary drama. I totally understand that. Like you stated, not every man is willing to stop at 'no'. It's sad, but true.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...


Good morning and thank you for that comment. I couldn't have said it better. NO unnecessary drama! So not my style.

Love for a great day!

Don said...

You do have a point @ as long as my eyes are open I am seeing someone. If that helps to keep the frail male ego in tact, then I believe it's an understandable white lie.

You and that sense of humor of yours. Lol.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Yay. Another one on my side!

Love it :)

Thanks Knicks Fan!