Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Lied

i miss love
i remember love
i cry love

i breathe love
i sleep love
i dream love

i anticipate love
i promise love
i cherish love

i taste love
i smell love
i define love

i made love
i hated love
i forgave love

i lied
come back
i need love


Myriam said...

You are one gifted poet.
Love - we all crave it and need it.
Just curious - does it all come to you and you stop and write everything down?
Have a wonderful day sister!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

good morning sweet sister. thank you for visiting so early. you know in my line of work, i need all the love and fellowship available. :-)

thank you so much for the beautiful compliment regarding the poetry. in reference to the post, i was trying to convince myself that i'd be fine without it, but GOD created me for love.

to answer your question, it comes to me all the time. day, afternoon and night. i keep a pen and journal close at hand.

i'm currently working on my second book and i'd be honored if you'd send me a poem to

it's titled poetry and friendship which will contain my works along with friends and family members.

you can do it. i have faith in you!

love for a great day,

Jenny said...

Hey butterfly, thanks so much for your encouraging words on YouTube and on my Scrapbook Blog.

I was wondering if you'd be up for a swap....poem book for CD? Send me an email or a message on FB if you'd be interested.


A Lady's Life said...

I'm back lol

Very nice poem.butterfly.

I love love poems.

I put one on . See if you like it :)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey there Jen, great idea and I'd LOVE. Will look u up on Facebook and exchange addresses. Super excited to hear the entire CD. Your journey is similar to mine as we all have shared throughout the blogger's circle of friendships.

My Lady, I love your poem. Specifically the last sentence which has inspired another poem in me. I loved when someone inspires me :)

Love for a great day !

Myriam said...

Hi Ms. China

Thanks so much for stopping by and I am so glad to hear that God continues to amaze you. So sweet of our Lord.

You have given me quite a challenge. I recalled writing a poem in high school ages ago but nonetheless I will try. Key word is Try.

All the best in writing your second book and do I order a copy of the first?

Love you sister and have a great evening.