Monday, March 12, 2012

My Free Spirit

free·dom noun \ˈfrē-dəm\

Definition of FREEDOM
1: the quality or state of being free: as a : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action b : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence c : the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous d : ease, facility e : the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken
When I return home each day, the American Flag flies high in the sky.  It's right in the middle of town.  I just love seeing it.  It's Glory and meaning makes me smile each and every time.  It holds a very significant meaning for me. 
I am free.  Free from my past and anything that resembled the old me.  I have been given a new beginning and a blank canvass by my creator.  How cool that I can paint it any color that I choose?  The woman I used to be didn't know that that was possible.  He has shown me who I am in Him and with that knowledge, it frees me from Man's opinion and expectation of me.
Deep breath...

Amazing grace.  How sweet the sound...

Love for a great day!


SLC said...

"who I am in Him". Thanks for the refocusing, and as always thanks for being a blessing.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

He continues to speak through me. His words, not mine.

I'm just glad that my heart and mind is receptive to His callings.

Love for a great day my little brother.

Myriam said...

I love, love the word 'Freedom' and just may be because it has eluded for most of my life. Founding the freedom in Christ is so liberating though I still have areas that I struggle to find true freedom from.

Thanks for the reminder that because of Him - the past is behind us. For it is for freedom it has set us free.

Happy Wednesday!


A Lady's Life said...

Freedom is a word I love as well.

It's so easily obtained and yet so hard to keep. lol :)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning Myriam,
So very true, the past is behind us. Lets leave it there! ;-)

God has truly shown you favor and I'm excited to share in your joy. Congrats on the beautiful blessings He has bestowed upon you!

Love you lots,

* My Lady,
I think that as long as we are in the flesh, we will contiune to make "it" hard to keep. That's why the Savior was help us, guide us and redeem us!

Yay! I have been redeemed!

Love you sweet friend,

Myriam said...

So sweet of you to stop by this morning. Saw your email as I sat my super tired- sleepy-self at work to start the day.

I was blessed by the visit. I did send you an email a few days ago regarding the 'man' in my blog's header. Hope you got.

Thank you sweetie and have a blessed day.

Love you sister.