Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012

God is faithful.  He has sustained the earth and everything in it.  He makes the ultimate decision of when this planet will cease to exist.  Are we truly in alignment with His will? Are we making a positive impact with the gift of life that we've been given?  As long as we are in the flesh, our natural reaction is to be about self.  It takes a conscious effort to be selfless and takes even more of an effort to love others who are not like us.

This year, please no more... promising to loose weight, promising to manage our money, being a better employee, cleaning out the clutter, and all the generic stuff that we say to ourselves and then let that fall gently by the waist side.

Do something BIG for God.  Do something that will show others how mighty His Power is and how His giving of His Son was not in vain.  Acknowledge the Creator, the creation and all the marvelous things we oftentimes take for granted - Romans 1:20. Stop allowing the human mind to be consumed with the many, many things of this world.

Choose to LOVE the unlovable, choose to FORGIVE the unforgivable and choose the PEACE that Jesus freely offers us in scripture - John 14:27.  Family and friends really do have the best intentions. But in the end, there is absolutely no love like the love of the Heavenly Father for His children.

Love for a great year!
Free Spirit Butterfly


A Lady's Life said...

You are so right Butterfly :)
Happy New Year to you.
I had duck for New Years and it tasted fishy.
Don't know what to make of it lol
Either they fed the duck fish instead of grain or this is something to think about for the New Year. lol
But you have to dig in and go for it and make the best of it.

Don said...

Happy 2012, FSB. Wishing you nothing but continued love & blessings, and everything your heart desires.

Do something BIG for God. Do something that will show others how mighty His Power is and how His giving of His Son was not in vain.

What would you recommend?

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy New 2012, My Lady. Looking forward to new adventures w/ you and my blog family. Love always in Christ Jesus.

Sweet Don, thank you for the heartfelt greeting. The Lord has blessed me in abundance, anything else will make me pee my pants with excitement (lol)

The question you pose is one that only He can answer in the still, quiet and private moments.

I would only suggest something that is so outside of who you are and what people "think" they know about you.

I used to be a control freak. Even my kids geese me about my transformation. I used to save up all "my" money in secret places, just in case...
I use to look at people enjoying a meal and wish it were me. I had a fear of being a fat "cop."

God freed me of all that.
I gave me kids to Him, along w/the need to control their lives and choices.
He allowed me to publish my first book and ALL the money is donated to 2 shelters in WDC.
Lastly, because of my thyroid issues, I am a happy size 12. Yes, me. I use to be a skinny girl most of my life and always prayed for a sister "booty." only because my mother is half Chinese, did I get the not so desirable figure.
But not only is God faithful, He is funny. He I am at 47 trying to figure out a way to keep the attention on my off my rear and on my smile. :-)

Just some food for thought.

PS. Lord willing, I will be going on a missions trip to Haiti in November. That's what I call BIG. Super excited!!!

Lots of love.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Sorry about the typos... The sun is amazing and glaring on my screen as I sit here on the beach.

Meant to say -
Even my kids tease me...
I gave my kids to Him...
Here I am at 47...

Don said...

Thank you FSB. I appreciate the thoughtful reply and paid close attention to everything said.

I commend you for the donation to WDC shelters. That is an admired act.

The question you pose is one that only He can answer in the still, quiet and private moments.

You speak the truth. I've been thinking the same, as of late.

You are a beautiful spirit and I had no idea you're mom is half-Chinese.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Yes and I used to hate rice because we ate a lot of it growing up. Now I love it. Also 3 of my five sisters have gorgeous hair and one would rath have my eyes and the other, my bottom. Lol...women - you just can't please them.

Love and prayers!