Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm not trying to be a party pooper. Really, I'm not.

We are still at war.

The government is completely out of control.

There are homeless people every where you look.

Our children are not getting their proper nutrition.

The American Dream homes are in foreclsoure.

Thousands are being laid off as I type this.

Is anyone keeping track of the suicide rate?

How can we go Christmas shopping?

I'm not trying to ruin any one's Holidays.  I just don't feel right going Christmas Shopping when we have so much despair in our society.  Please find it in your hearts to do something for a complete stranger this year.  A gift, a card, some groceries, a gas card, recommend someone for a job, and lastly; keep praying that this too, shall pass.
Jesus is coming.  The date and time is unknown, but when he does, will he know you and will he give you your just rewards for your deeds on earth?
Love and prayers


A Lady's Life said...

Butterfly, you do things because they are the right things to do. Asking to be rewarded is not what it's all about.
I too am truly upset by what I see happening today.
It's unbelievable.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

My Lady, I think you misunderstood the post. We are here to bless others. America is too consumed with self and stuff. Lots of stuff.

I'm saying that our rewards are in Heaven. While we are here on earth, we don't have to gather all the "things" we can that truly in the end, have no heavenly value or significance.

I just believe that we are losing focus in this so called recession. I for one see it as a big eye opener.

Love and peace.

BigMoma13 said...

Ms Butterfly, I love your post...yes... it is time to be selfless and not selfish. This is really confirmation for me...I had been praying that God show me a sign or direction on what He wants of me this Christmas and thanks to a very special butterfly He did. I no longer need or want stuff...stuff no longer defines me. FYI: It isn't the recession that has us losing focus... it is what we have defined as our treasure. Remember the reason for the season and live every day that with Godly purpose

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Big Moma thank you! It warms my heart when I feel like I have posted something that someone was praying for or about. I would love to become email buddies. I am on this journey with Jesus and I am asking Him everyday to use me and show me others to connect with. Together, one by one, we can glorify His Kingdom.

I'm at

If I don't hear from you; many blessings in your life's journey and I love to pray for you when there's something on your heart.

Love and peace

Until... said...

I don't believe you are a party pooper at all FSButterfly. I too feel the same way. Which it is a must for me to do something for others all of the time. Your post is necessary but not everyone will pay attention or want to be called to the very needs of our less fortunates.

So though I am not most religious girl in the world what I can suggest, in which I think you'll agree; is we can all pray "where two touch and agree it shall be done". We will see the change. Continue to be who you are (I appreciate it). Seems like you're among the likes of you! Until...

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Until... thank you for your beautiful comment. You have a gorgeous smile. There is no such thing as the most religious :-)

God knows our hearts and our motives. He is love!

Make it a great day and thanks again for visiting me.

Love and prayers

Don said...

Jesus is coming.

I'm trying to tell 'em...we ARE in the last days.