Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Staying Spiritual Sage

An excerpt from my Women's Devotional NIV

Huldah, a prophetess in Judah - reference 2 Kings 22:14

With a reputation for integrity, truthfulness and spiritual discernment, she was the natural choice to handle such sensitive information related to the newly rediscovered Book of the Law.

"I never know when someone will need me," she often said. She never knew when she would need to share a word of wisdom or petition the Lord on the people's behalf, so she had to stay prepared. She couldn't slack of, spiritually speaking. She drew strength by reminding herself that she couldn't afford to miss an opportunity to be available and useful to God.

"You never know when someone will show up on your doorstep seeking spiritual wisdom," Huldah would often say. "Sometimes, it's your friend or neighbor. Sometimes it's the king.

Today's prayer - Gracious God, keep me prepared so that I may be of service to others in need. Give me the wisdom and discernment to find the rights words to help where I can.

In Christ name, this is my prayer -


greeneyes616 said...

Hi Srg...What a beautiful reminder that God needs us to stay alert and on our toes and ready for His call at any given time...I hope you have a safe and fruitful week, Thank you for you're caring Heart and passionate spirit...God Bless Keep smiling and doing God's good works Love and Hugs Patricia

A Lady's Life said...

Green eyes said it all.

My heart hurts seeing all the suffering in this world and our tortured childrens souls especially.

Mans laws do not protect the innocent but bleed the innocent till there is nothing left to bleed.
We need God's strength, to stop this.

Cynthia said...

This prayer is just what I have
been studying lately. Thank you!

Cynthia said...

Oh, this prayer is one of the
subjects I have been studying

Do you ever get a chance to
watch/listen to Joyce Meyer?
on The Word - Time Warner
cable - her ministry is on
10am and 10pm Mon-Fri on
channel 142

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hello ladies and thanks for visiting.

Ms. Cynthia, I love Joyce and she is the reason why BELIEVE is my favorite word. I heard one of her sermons and she talked about how the word "Believe" was in the Gospel of John over 90 times. I made a song and dance about it. Now, that's all I tell people, just Believe!