Thursday, September 30, 2010

The price of peace...

Haven't we learned anything? I for one never considered myself to be in a recession. Maybe that's selfish of me considering that we're all in this fight together. Now, that I type this, I guess it's one of the reasons that "we are fighting." The Government, our communities and our families. We are selfish and oftentimes greedy people. Wow - that hurts!

I like to think that my walk with Christ is changing me and making me a much softer and nicer person. I am a giver at heart and I like to help where I can. Satan can find subtle ways to convince you otherwise. And for me, that's one of the reasons why I have to stay in the Word of God. Not just because of Satan's voice trying to take me off my path, but because there is some GOOD Stuff in that Book. The BIBLE is the way to a peaceful life. It will convict your heart, change your wicked ways and get you moving in the direction of helping others. It will bring to light all the things that you "treasure and worship" and totally change your focus.

I used to be a workaholic. I worked all the time and then after that, worked some more. I had to save for a rainy day and was convinced in my "mind" that there was no one I could turn to if and when that rainy day came. So funny, now that I type this. GOD was there all along and I could not see him past the fear and control.
As you know, I've been the A/Lt. here at work for the past year and nine months. How awesome is my GOD that my new boss showed up this past Monday? What a beautiful sight to see ;-)

Anyway, I thought about this post because every other person kept asking me if I was going to miss the extra money that you get from that position. It totally boggled my mind that people kept asking me that. The answer was a clear and confident, "NO!" God supplies ALL my needs and if I can't live on what he pays me, then I need to check myself. We are so consumed with MONEY and the THINGS that it provides us that we are letting Satan have his way in our lives.
I am not in a recession, I am not living above my means and I am not worried about how I will "make it" when they reduce my salary. I am beyond grateful to receive a paycheck, however small it may be. I am grateful that I have friends and family that love me for me and I am ever so HUMBLE that my Lord and Savior Saved a wretch like me.

Love for a great day in HIM!
Free Spirit Butterfly


Solomon said...

Nice message as usual FSB

Don said...

Your words and actions remind me of the biblical scripture which speaks of the birds not being privileged in the same fashion as humans. Yet, their every need is met through the unchanging hands of God.

The price of peace, as you stated.

I struggle with the notion, but I am of sound understanding.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good Morning my beautiful brothers. Thank you for visitng me and taking time to ponder the price of peace. We are truly in a point at our lives where we need to decide. It is my prayer that we ultimately choose the Prince of Peace!

Love and blessings!

A Lady's Life said...

You are so right Butterfly.
So right indeed.
and those are irritating questions anyway.

PAK ART said...

You and I must be on similar paths as we learn to live as Christ would want us to. I too have struggled with control and money and feeling that I must have a certain amount or cushion to feel secure. I am learning to let that go.

離婚 said...

Keep the faith, my Internet friend. You are a first-class writer and deserve to be heard.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

thank u blog family for your support and comments. it is my deepest prayer that we not conform to the "things" of this world.
luv & peace