Monday, July 5, 2010

Waiting and waiting and waiting...

While reading my devotional this morning, I was reminded that the earth's population is now over 6.6 billion people. WOW! I had to sit with that for a moment. I got such goose bumps. I guess that's one of the biggest reasons why we are always waiting and waiting and waiting. There are either sign in sheets, waiting lists, appointment books, automated tellers, customer service reps that you cannot talk back to, or oftentimes, no service at all.

Let me repeat that, 6.6 billion people. Imagine that you had to wait in line to speak with God. No wonder the lost feel so hopeless. I now have a deeper understanding of why our society has taken a turn for the worst. People just aren't satisfied with the "service" that they are receiving.

How awesome that we can go directly to our Heavenly Father and not wait in line, not have to sign in or push push the pound key for operator assistance? He is patiently waiting on us to "surrender" and turn to him. The really neat thing is the fact that he's "always" available, 24-7. In him is where we will find rest and peace.

Doesn't that last sentence just take you breath away?

Love for a great day,
Free Spirit Butterfly


alady'slife said...

Yes Whenever I have a nightmare and wake up I cross myself and it always gives me comfort and peace to go back to sleep.
Maybe this is why I don;t often have nightmares.

Strongblkwmn said...

Amen to that. Thank you Butterfly.

PAK ART said...

I think this is exactly why Christ has not yet returned. He wants to take more of his children home with him. Out of 6 billion, how many know God? It must make Him very sad.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy Wednesday ladies and thanks for stopping by.

Tammy, so great to hear from you.

Patty, I totally agree. It must make him very sad. After all HE's done for us..... don't we owe Him that?

Blog Love said...

That last sentence does indeed take your breath away. I love that! Absolutely love it! And you are so right...He is right there by our sides each and every moment of the day. Learning how better to speak/listen to Him is where I am attempting to grow. So "thank you" for pointing this out today. Very important, this was.