Monday, October 19, 2009

Which way?

I ask God for a clearer sign to identify where I'm at and where I might be headed. If I'm on the road less traveled, I question why more people haven't thought to go this route if it is of such value. When I'm rushing alongside the masses on the highway of success, ambition, or status quo, then I wonder why more people don't think to leave this chaos.

Which road are you on? Do you look around at your home, your family, and your job and wonder if you are on God's intended path? Rest in today! Do not give God your "what ifs" as an offering; instead, give him your commitment to go forward with faith and peace.

- an excerpt from One Minute with God for Women!

Love, peace and continued blessings!


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

This past Saturday, my dear friend, Regenna, invited me to "The Believers Worship Center Conference for Women." What I love about this story is that she purchased the ticket before she knew if I was free or not.

I'm telling you, I felt the energy from the parking lot. It was magnetic. And my Spirit was so in need of guidance. The theme was titled, "Moving people in the right direction."

I came with hopes of being lead by the Spirit and boy was I? It was as if I was getting Saved all over again! Every women in the room was passing on positive energy and releasing the negative!

I truly surrendered ALL! God spoke to my spirit and He told me to let "it" go! Lately, I've been mentally drained and physically exhausted. I am not in control and the sooner I grasp that concept, the easier my life will be. I've tried to do "somethings" on my own and He has repeatedly reminded me to move over and get out of the driver's seat.

THIS time Lord, I'm listening. He knows that we are stubborn, controlling, impatient, and full of fear. But He wants us to rest in HIM and that's what I'm choosing.

MY trust and faith rest in the LORD!

Love and prayers for a great day!

CareyCarey said...

This is a very interesting post, I can relate. I will be the first to say that I have not arrived - okay.

When I was sitting in my jail cell, I called my mother to ask for help. My bond was 50,000. She said, "I gave it to God". I didn't like that answer - okay. But when I thought about it, those that I respected were not locked up with me. Many had homes and cars and a belief in God. Those individuals were the ones I was trying to emulate, yet I was locked up with a bunch of fools, I was one of them.

Speaking of getting out of your way, after I got out, I told a cousin of mine that I was thinking about starting a relationship with this woman that I'd been talking to. My cousin said "don't do that". I didn't like that answer either - okay. She told me to work on myself. Because what kind of product would I be bringing into a relationship, at that time. She told me to get out of my way.

Yes Miss Butterfly, I can relate to your struggle. It's my opinion that if a person doesn't have doubt or struggles with their belief, I question if they ever had it.

PAK ART said...

We are on a road less traveled, but oh, it is a good road. OUr goal should be to invite everyone to walk that road with us...that's the part I'm lacking! Hey, I may be in DC Nov 5 or 6 - would love to meet you!

crochet lady said...

I know I am on the right path, but my trouble is looking at the mile markers along the way of how much farther I have to go....

Each day I have to remind myself to look to God instead of the mile markers.

I was reading in Hebrews 3 and 4 several weeks ago about the promise to Abraham. Abraham was considered righteous by God not because he obeyed, but because he believed God's word to him - God's promise. Just as we are all saved by grace through the simple trust and faith in God's promise of Salvation through Jesus.

That really struck me, even though I must have read that a zillion times. The Lord spoke to my heart and said, "That's all I'm asking of you right now daughter - just believe the promise." Everything, every action of obedience will flow out of that belief.

I always had it mixed up, thinking obeying God's word was the first step, when really it was believing God's word. We cannot obey or move in something we do not fully believe in.

So I will believe in God's promises and know that is where I can move and live and breath, not in my constant steps of trying to trudge along all those miles, but in the solid rock of His word to me.

Love you!!!!