Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Saturday everyone

Let's all go out and enjoy the day, big or small, and report back. Kind of like when we were young and went out for summer break. Remember when the teacher would want a report on how you spent your summer vacation? Well lets do a short version. Come back later this evening and share what you did today. On your Mark, get set, go..............................

Love ya!
Free Spirit

PS - If you are feeling under the whether and are unable to go out, my prayers and hugs are with you and hopefully there is someone there to care for you. If not, the Lord knows what you need and will provide for you in spirit!


crochet lady said...

I'll tell you what I did so far and what I have planned....

This morning was quiet. My guys and some family we have staying with us went fishing. I stayed and watered my flowers and made a yummy blueberry coffee cake. I got showered, dressed and ready to go out later. I think I'll make a run to the yarn store and tonight we (the adults) are going out to eat for my B-day, which is today. We should have a nice time.

Blessings on your day and Happy Early Birthday!
Love ya,

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Well it's 8:45pm in Waldorf and my day has come to an end. I'll try to shorten it. Woke up to sunshine and Max licking me. Coffee and birds singing. Shower & off to the mall for a gift card. Music playing, car washed and sunroof open. A Pretzel dog and a Butterfly Clock had my name all over them (smile)

Came back home for a minute, let the baby out and headed to a farwell party for a Church friend whose son is joining the Marines. The ride was really nice, long and breezy.

Headed home to make some turkey meatloaf, brown sugared carrots and green beans. Had to have seconds.... (you know my food is hit or miss and tonight it was a Hit!)

Now I've got my candles lit, sitting by my window sill in my den. I took the window treatments down and I swear, it made a world of difference. The view is truly amazing. I feel like I reach out and touch the clouds!

Getting ready to work on my book and see where the characters take me. I've recevied a notice (3) times from a Publisher who found my work on The Library of Congress Copyright website. Is that at sign or what?

That's it for me. I hope that you had enjoyable day and Lord willing, we will all get anther chance tomorrow.

PS- Max sends his love!

PAK ART said...

I had a full day - I got up and fixed sweetie breakfast and then went back to bed for a 1-hour nap. Showered and blogged, then painted some ATC's, then picked up my mom and went to pick up my nephew. We joined my sister and her grandaughter at the movie theatre to see "Ice Age" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then took nephew to comic book shop where he picked out a Batman comic, dropped him at home, dropped my mom at her house (admired her new carpet) and enjoyed visiting with my Dad...then hurried home to try to beat my sweetie, but he beat me home. Had a whopping migraine by then, so he ate leftovers, I took an Imitrex and then we finished off the birthday cake from yesterday. Now it's bedtime and I'm getting back to you to report on my day. Headache aside, it was a good day!

Juri said...

I had to tell you what I did this evening, well, it was crazy. I have a stray cat with four kittens....the mother cat decided that the kittens should live with the goats...the goats and the dogs are not happy with this arrangement. So, I have spent my evening bailing kittens out of the goat enclosure....over and over again. Now, covered with mosquito bites, weary of the whole thing, irritated with all my animals, I am ready to give it up!!!!

Tea With Tiffany said...

Glad to know you are encouraging others to really live!