Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not my christmas list...

I wish my girlfriends would stop trying to "hook me up"

I wish my "dog" could pay half the mortgage

I wish my laundry room was on the 3rd floor

I wish my greeting card business was up & running

I wish I had tickets to Oprah's favorite things

I wish that my dad lived closer

I wish that I was a "Jackie" of all trades

I wish that I could cook a dish worth bragging about

I wish that HGTV would design my backyard

I wish that I could tone up my muscles w/o exercise

I wish that I could meet all of my blog buddies!

I wish that I could stop editing my book and let it go

I wish that I could use my fireplace all winter
w/o fear of an enormous gas bill

And lastly, I wish that I could save at least one soul!


SLC said...

I love your list.
Your last one will definitely happen. I think your greeting card company will play a role in souls being saved and set free.

I'm looking forward to the day a few of us east coast bloggers converge on DC for a powerfully edifying time.

Have a wonderful weekend.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

We should all commit to making that happen some time in the year 2009! I'd love to give all of you a big HUG!

Love, peace & blessings for a great weekend!

Sherria said...

OMG----I so want so many of the same things. If I could be on Oprah's favorite things show---I would LOVE it!!! I would love to be on Extreme Makeover--the home edition!

At least you're, editing your book---I can't sit down long enough to finish mine.

Keep me posted on the greeting cards---I'm more than happy to position them at some of my networking functions!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!