Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just 1 word....

I borrowed this from a chain e-mail that I once received. Now that our words, thoughts, ideas, expressions and creativity have all intertwined with one another, use just 1 word to describe your blog buddies from what you've read on his/her post. I'll go first -

Standing able - contagious
A strong black woman - discovering
SLC perspective - renewed
Minus the bars - epidemic
Just wondering - creative
Potent praise - freedom
Character corner - informative
I feel expendable - interesting
Afreespiritbutterfly - reborn ;-)


SLC said...

Afreespiritbutterfly - refreshing
Standing able - encouraging
A strong black woman - discovering
Character corner - informative
Just wondering - creative
Potent praise - uplifiting
Minus the bars - magnetic

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Thanks so much for "that" word. What about yourself? Any self discovery???

Strongblkwmn said...

freespiritbutterfly - uplifting
Standing Able - spiritual
Perspective - strong
Minus the Bars - diverse

SLC said...

Ok Free Spirit.

You noticed my omission.

SLC - Resilient

Also something I see in you and StrongBlkWmn.

One more word fro you and from you;

Stacye said...

strongblkwmn- Victorious
minus the bars- Captivating
standingable- Humbling

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

W O W - you guys sure know how to get a reaction out of me. I would have not attached those words to myself. I guess it pays to open up and be who you really are. Lots of love and success to all of "our" goals, dreams and the unknown! Peace!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Strong black woman, we know that you're a writer, mother and wife but you left out your "word" of self discovery....

Strongblkwmn said...

Right now the word I would use to describe myself is evolving.