Friday, June 6, 2008

What is your comfort zone?

For the past week I have worked midnights (10-6am) and for me that's not normal. But it's too late to define normal after almost 18 years of being in law enforcement. As you know I like to talk about my passions in hopes that it will spark something in you. Something buried deep down inside of your soul longing to give birth. My main passion is writing which is perfect for an introvert like myself. I don't have to go out and face the world and be pushed and shoved about by a society in such a hurry to get to the next red light ;-)

This week has left me too drained to even go to the mailbox. I wake up tired but forcing myself to eat something and let the dog out. How gracious of him to hold his "water" until mommy has risen from her tomb. Anyway, like clock work I read a little from my bible and then I get out my laptop (an extension of my right hand) and I get in my comfort zone and begin to write. The topic never comes to me until I position my fingertips on the keyboard like a pianst in a symphony. Shortly into my story, my body tells me it's time to retreat back to my 4oo thread count in hopes to rejuvenate my spirit for the next shift.

As I lay there semi conscious I'm listening to CNN talk about "the recession". I remember thinking, what recession? In today's society we really have everything we need and then some. If we were to loose our comfort zone (over sized homes, luxury cars, ability to eat out, family vacations and the like) what would we have left? I don't know about you but I would have my faith, my loved ones, treasured friendships, my German shepherd (a girl's best friend) and my dreams. How about you, what is your comfort zone? What do you hold near and dear to your heart?

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