Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where is the romance?

I was talking with my mom last night and not only are we both writers, we are both hopeless romantics. Are you? Is your partner? Where is it and why isn't it consistent? In this crazy, busy world we live in who has time for it? That answer should be as plain as the nose on your face. If you love someone, show them. Most men think we want material possessions and they kind of shy away because they don't have the finances to support that. How about studying your partner and looking deeper into her soul? If you do that you will find that she can not be bought. At least I can't. We all want the knight and shining armor. But truth be told, I want the guy who will hold my hand anytime anywhere. I want him to know my favorites: Color, foods, scents, size, movies, songs and books. But most importantly know my moods. We're not all Ugly Betty when we get into our "attitudes." And most times it has nothing to do with you. Learn your partner so that you can comfort him/her when they need it most. Don't judge, criticize or belittle their emotions "try to understand them."My mom told me about some loving gestures that her past loves did for her. One was having "Mountain Dew" soda at his house when she came to visit. Another was having a typewriter for her so that she could write. Wouldn't that just melt your heart? Very few of us are blessed with partners who have this trait. As for me, I'm spoiling myself until my prince charming comes along but in the mean time when was the last time someone romanced you or vice verse? Please feel free to share and maybe give someone an idea.Two of my favorite gifts received were a felt tip pen with positive words written on it and a Detroit Piston's Jersey so that I could sleep with Chauncey Billups whenever I wanted to ;-) They were both very thought out gifts that touched my heart. Reach out and touch someone's heart. The feeling you'll get in return will be priceless.

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